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Some Links

Bob Higgs rightly deplores Trump’s proposed border wall.  Here’s Bob’s conclusion:

What sort of person seeks to humiliate an entire group of people simply on grounds of race or nationality? Well, at present, the sort of person who supports the wall between Mexico and the USA. Yes, it may give some groups of rent-seekers a feeling of enhanced security in the ability to accrue their ill-gotten gains. But above all, it gives the American yahoo class the feeling that they—the self-supposed better people—have shut out Mexicans in the most brutal possible fashion, by physically fencing them out as if they were dangerous wild animals.

Speaking of this vile, proposed wall, Stuart Anderson has more on Trump’s simpleton scheme to pay for it with higher tariffs on imports from Mexico.

And Steve Landsburg notes additional dangers looming in Trump’s tariffs.

Mark Perry has more data on the cost of protectionist policies.

Warren Meyer explains that economic nationalism leads to war.

David Bier puts Trump’s anti-immigration executive orders in context.

Tyler Curtis reveals that minimum-wage legislation is literally sickening.

Abby Hall Blanco reports that her vagina doesn’t care for “Progressives'” identity politics.  A slice:

Moreover, to base one’s opinions and politics around a particular piece of one’s identity isn’t a sign of dedication or self-awareness. It’s a sign of complete and utter ignorance and an inability to reflect on complex issues, in a complicated world, with complicated, multifaceted people. Identity politics places everyone in a box. If someone disagrees with you, this isn’t a time to reflect on your own priors and opinions. It’s time to dismiss their ideas. They’re in a different box. They must be wrong.