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by Don Boudreaux on February 22, 2017

in Health, History, Immigration, Innovation, Myths and Fallacies, Trade, Video

Yesterday I was interviewed by Marketplace‘s Nancy Marshall-Genzer on Trump’s proposed scheme to cook the trade-account books.

Speaking of cooking the books for political purposes, here’s more from Rick Newman.

Warren Meyer joins Pierre Lemieux in being among those who clearly and convincingly explain why ECON 101 most emphatically does not teach – contrary to the ignorant assertions of some of Trump’s advisors – that trade deficits reduce GDP.

In this video, the Cato Institute’s Alex Nowrasteh (a former student of mine at GMU) goes head-to-head with Tucker Carlson on immigration.  (HT Tim Townsend)

Roy Cordato helps to dispel some popular myths about trade – myths peddled by economically ignorant people on the political right and on the left.

Here’s more from Richard Ebeling on Karl Marx.

My Mercatus Center colleague Bob Graboyes draws a lesson about health-care from Robert Mundell’s observation that the greatest invention of the 20th century might well be the chicken.


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