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Some Links

John McGinnis explains that Uber is a force for greater equality.

But the assault on Uber also ignores a hugely important effect of company and similar services: they reduce  inequality— which these same politicians and mainstream media argue is the most important issue of our time.  Uber improves both the material condition of the middle-class consumer and the lower-middle-class driver.  First, the consumer gets a service that starts looking more like having a chauffeur than a taxicab driver. For instance, he can summon a driver without previous notice and within minutes by pushing a button on his phone in the comfort of home rather than hail a taxi in a storm.And like those with chauffeurs he becomes less anxious about moving around even in unfamiliar cities.  Moreover, because of the ratings systems for drivers, he gains more confidence that the quality of the driver will approximate that of a chauffeur with whom he has a long-term relationship.

Drivers too benefit from Uber. The best evidence is that they generally make more money even after expenses than taxis drivers. How much more depends on the place they drive. But that is not their only advantage. A recent economics article has shown that their flexible work hours are worth an huge additional amount to them–about 150 dollars per week on average.

With help from the GMU Scalia law-school’s Ilya Somin, George Will exposes Trump’s lawlessness.

GMU Econ alum Mark Perry busts a myth trumpeted by the AFL-CIO.

Anton Howes does some interesting counterfactual economic history.  (HT Walter Grinder)

My great colleague Walter Williams asks: What do leftists celebrate?  And on a related topic, Art Carden reveals that among the many unfortunate legacies of Karl Marx is anti-intellectualism.

Richard McKenzie explains why Trump’s industrial policy will fail to improve the lives of ordinary Americans.

In this short video, Johan Norberg tells the happy news of recent and significant reductions in global poverty.  (See also this op-ed by Bjorn Lomborg.)