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Some Links

David Henderson shares Charley Hooper’s homage to the iPhone.

My Mercatus Center colleague Chuck Blahous puts the proposed changes to Medicaid in a calming perspective.

Relatedly, Jeff Jacoby scolds those who are using over-the-top language in this debate over health-care policy.

Bob Higgs celebrates Mexicans.  A slice:

It would be a most instructive experiment if somehow all the immigrant workers were to be removed from the U.S. economy overnight. The upshot would be calamitous for many U.S. industries and for large geographic areas of the country. Immigration opponents rarely appreciate the extent to which the U.S. economy depends on Mexican (and other immigrant) labor and the tremendous extent to which the foreign workers produce and distribute goods and services essential to day-to-day life for everyone. The oft-heard claim that the migrants come to the USA simply to sponge off the welfare state is so preposterously out of touch with reality that it staggers the mind. Yes, of course, some immigrants take advantage of the welfare state, but their taxes (not just income taxes but also property, sales, excise, and social security taxes), fees, fines, and other personal payments also prop up that system. They are not simply welfare deadbeats (as obviously many native-born persons are) and not simply consumers or competitors for jobs or housing. They are above all producers.

Here’s a recording of an interview with the great Richard Epstein on trade.  (HT Keven Frei)

Jeff Tucker attended an awesome office party.

Randy Holcombe wonders about the size of the future workweek.

Jeff Miron corrects Jeff Sessions’s numerous errors about the so-called “war on drugs.

My colleague Walter Williams applauds an innovative way to teach economics.

Kennedy is wise.