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Here’s the subject line of a blast e-mail that I just received and that was blasted out under Newt Gingrich’s name:

President Trump is working for you, Don.

Receiving this e-mail reminds me of one of the reasons why I so thoroughly detest politics: it insults my intelligence.  Even overlooking all of its many other faults, politics remains insufferable because it’s so completely imbecilic.  It traffics in assertions that are either hilariously false or utterly meaningless.  Politicians and their operatives then expect those of us on the receiving end of their moronic assertions not only to believe these assertions to be true, but also to marvel at the amazingness of the politicians who, we are assured, regularly perform the unbelievable feats described by the assertions.

Politics is unalloyed idiocy treated even by – indeed, especially by – the intelligentsia as if it is a solemn and serious undertaking.  But it’s not.  Politics is overwhelmingly the domain of megalomaniacal frauds, liars, and con artists.