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Some Links

Deirdre McCloskey celebrated her 75th birthday on September 11th.  My colleague Pete Boettke marked the occasion.  A slice:

Many years ago she [McCloskey] published a wonderful collection How to Be Human Though an Economist which I highly recommend, and which I reviewed very favorably in the now defunct Humane Studies Review for the Institute for Humane Studies.  The important point to always remember is that liberalism is liberal, it is a vision of a system that exhibits neither discrimination nor dominion, it promises to break all bonds of oppression, it unleashes the creative powers of a free civilization, it is a doctrine of freedom of thought, freedom of association, freedom of contract, and peaceful relationships among all.

And here’s Pete on F.A. Hayek’s epistemic liberalism.

George Will finds insight in my colleague Tyler Cowen’s The Complacent Class.

John Tamny riffs on the work of the great Bastiat.

Gary Galles reminds us of the depth and brilliance of Lord Acton.

Andrew Heaton and Reason TV have read Hillary Clinton’s What Happened so that we don’t have to.

Here’s the conclusion to Bob Higgs’s latest inspiring and insightful essay at The Beacon:

Thank God for the entrepreneurs, both those who immigrate from distant lands and those who work among us every day to keep the wheels of commerce rolling. Today’s world is utterly reliant on entrepreneurs. Their willingness to bear risks and their skill in appraising how they might best serve consumers make life possible, not to mention comfortable and often delightful, for the earth’s huge human population. They are at work everywhere—in the USA, in Mexico, and in the enormous movement of goods and services between these two great economies.

It is nothing short of tragic, as well as utterly foolish, that the Trump administration is devoting itself to impeding and distorting such commercial entrepreneurship between the USA, Mexico, and other countries. Let us hope that even in Washington, D.C., some of the economic dullards and political opportunists will rouse themselves and decide to desist from their current, destructive policies.