George Leef reviews my colleague Bryan Caplan’s new book, The Case Against Education.  Speaking of Bryan, see here.

I join Elaine Schwartz in wishing that Whirlpool had chosen to “compete through innovation rather than tariffs.”  Or, as I’d put the matter, I wish that Whirlpool had chosen to earn profits through peaceful commerce rather than steal money through the predation that is protectionism.

Here’s David Henderson on right-to-work legislation.

Brittany Hunter and Dan Sanchez explain that believing in socialism can make you miserable.

In this excellent video, my GMU Econ colleague Alex Tabarrok explains the high costs of rent control.

The new Research Handbook on Austrian Law and Economics – edited by my GMU colleagues Pete Boettke and Todd Zywicki – is now available.  (I wrote the chapter on antitrust.)  Pete’s and Todd’s Introduction is available on-line here, free of charge.

Speaking of new books, I’m eager to read the latest from Evan Osborne: Self-Regulation and Human Progress.

David Bier details an atrocity in the proposed House GOP bill to deal with Dreamers.

Shikha Dalmia has news for the chronically ill-informed Donald Trump.

George Selgin – diving far beneath surface facts and fallacies – asks if bank deregulation is dangerous.


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