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Some Links

The Wall Street Journal‘s Mary Anastasia O’Grady exposes some of the Trump administration’s trade follies.  A slice:

After the fact, Mr. “Art of the Deal” figured out that his opening tariff bid was on track to blow up the two best foreign markets for American-made steel and significant markets for American-made aluminum. It’s a good bet that the same producers who are lobbying for protection asked the president to back off the neighbors.

The gaffe exposes the Trump administration’s failure to grasp the complexity of the supply chains that interconnect the global economy. A few exemptions won’t clean up the mess he has created with his tariff gambit. The new duties will clobber American fabricators, which rely on these imports to manufacture at competitive prices. Retaliation by injured trading partners will hurt U.S. exporters.

Pierre Lemieux joins in the fun of reviewing White House trade shaman Peter Navarro’s hilariously awful movie “Death by China.

Erica York adds her voice to those who oppose Trump’s punitive taxes on Americans who purchase steel and aluminum.

Shikha Dalmia reveals the hateful agenda of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Robert Samuelson beautifully busts the myth that poverty is unrelated to the prevalence of single-parent households.

Richard Rahn reviews some of the ranks of the corrupt.

Ryan Bourne explains a problem with Pigouvian taxes.

Over on the monetary-policy front, George Selgin walks us through New Zealand’s experience with “a ‘floor’-type operating system.

Here’s Bob Higgs on two forms of socio-economic problems.  (Well, really only one form.)