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Bonus Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 95 of Frank Vibert’s 1995 book, Europe: A Constitution for the Millennium:

When the pre-emptive capacity of politics is constrained and when the range and the reach of politics is limited, the effect is to allow for the expression of a greater rather than a lesser variety of preferences in society. The possibility of choices being imposed through the collective processes of politics is reduced. The result of limiting politics is to allow for a greater diversity of values.

DBx: Far too many of today’s advocates for “diversity” speak and write as if maximum possible diversity in a flower garden is achieved if lots of different people who differ amongst themselves along as many as possible physical and socio-economic dimensions – dimensions such as skin color, genitalia, sexual preferences, and current monetary wealth – vote on which one flower will be planted and permitted in the garden. These advocates of “diversity” are far too seldom interested in letting the garden be filled with the blooms of a thousand different flowers.