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Some Links

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy rightly fears the administrative state.

Speaking of the administrative state, Russ Roberts’s latest EconTalk podcast is with my colleague Pete Boettke.

Nick Gillespie explains that Trump’s restrictionist policies hurt immigrants and Americans.

Pierre Lemieux celebrates the beauty of trade. Here’s his conclusion:

The reason for the beauty of trade lies in its bringing utility to the individuals involved and, in the long run, to most if not all individuals in society. Even monks benefit from trade. At any rate, there is no way to know if a poor of today would have been happier in a pre-modern economy; he might as well have been a serf. As [John] Hicks says, “So long as the trade is voluntary, it must confer an All-round Advantage.” This applies to trade over political borders as much as within them–if not more, for international trade also reduces the power of national leviathans.

John Cochrane is rightly grumpy with those who want the same institution that runs the California DMV to run health care.

In this excellent video produced by Maxim Lott, John Stossel exposes the toxic mix of arrogance and economic ignorance of Seattle’s government officials.

Jeff Tucker distinguishes wisely society from state.

Aeon Skoble argues persuasively that ride-sharing services diminish rather than enhance problems.

It’s too bad that the Washington Post did not run this superb letter by Walter Olson.