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Bonus Quotation of the Day…

… comes from this Wall Street Journal editorial to appear in tomorrow’s – July 25th’s – print edition:

Hours after President Trump tweeted on Tuesday morning that “tariffs are the greatest!,” his Administration announced a $12 billion aid package for American farmers to offset the harm from the Trump trade wars. 

If you’re confused, join the White House. The Trump Administration is trying to fix an economic problem of its own making by putting the victims on the federal dole.

DBx: For starters, Trump & Co. make us Americans poorer – and less free – by restricting our access to goods offered for sale by non-Americans. And then, in order to purchase the political silence of the most visible and vocal victims of this idiotic and unethical policy, Trump & Co. make the bulk of us Americans poorer still – and less free still – by picking our pockets for the funds that will be used to bribe these relatively small-in-number visible and (otherwse-would-be) vocal victims of Trump’s protectionism into cowardly silence and acquiescence.

Anyone who apologizes for, or who tries to excuse, Trump’s egregious predations ought to be deeply ashamed of himself or herself.


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