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Some Links

“Trump’s trade war is economic suicide” – is the title of a new essay of mine at Fox News.

Vanity continues: Here’s a clip of my interview done yesterday on CTGN.

Jeffrey Tucker examines the political economy of protectionism today. A slice:

Let’s talk cars. Based on some romantic notion of the “American car” dating from the 1970s, the Trump administration is threatening a 25% tariffs on imports. The problem: cars no longer have a single country of origin. American cars are manufactured all over the world, just as many international companies operate in the US and employ Americans. It’s a global business now. Tariffs hurt absolutely everyone.

Dan Mitchell explains what Americans pay for Uncle Sam’s protectionism (and Dan’s piece was written before Trump’s announcement that he’ll further abuse Americans by forcing us as taxpayers to compensate American farmers who are harmed by his protectionism).

Also from Dan Mitchell is this gem on Trump’s Hoover-ish trade policies.

Simon Lester writes wisely about what to make of the Trump administration’s occasional utterances that can be interpreted as supportive of freer trade.

Here’s Russ Roberts on what he calls “the outrage epidemic.