George Selgin clearly explains the controversy over TNB.

America has an imperfect record of resisting homegrown tyrants.

George Leef writes of business schools being invaded by “social justice” teachings.

Richard Ebeling is correct: macroeconomic aggregates hide more than they reveal.

Joe Carter adds his clear voice to those who lament how hurricanes stir up the broken-window fallacy. And read also Rick Newman.

Speaking of natural disasters, here’s Dan Mitchell’s guide to everything you need to know about FEMA and U.S. government disaster “relief.

They’re gated, but here are links to Geoff Brennan’s review, and to Jennifer Burns’s review, of Nancy MacLean’s fictional, vicious tale Democracy in Chains. (HT Andrew Farrant) (I will try to get ungated copies of these reviews to post here at Cafe Hayek.)


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