My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy is sour on sugar-industry cronyism.

Dan Mitchell writes sensibly about trade deficits.

Jonah Goldberg reflects wisely on the acrimony prevalent in today’s American politics. See also this fine essay by Nick Gillespie.

Pierre Lemieux muses about the inescapability – and implications – of scarcity.

Steve Landsburg suspects that many people are irrationally inconsistent, at least when they are reckoning the prospects of tiny chances of huge gains and huge losses.

Vanessa Brown Calder ably defends her opposition to mandate paid leave against critics.

Brittany Hunter remembers John Taylor Gatto. A slice:

After three decades in the classroom, Gatto realized that the public school system was squashing individualism more than it was educating students and preparing them for the real world. To make matters worse, his later research would reveal that this dumbing down was not just by accident, but by design.


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