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Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 217 of Liberty Fund’s 1982 edition of Adam Smith’s 1759 profound classic, The Theory of Moral Sentiments:

The violence and injustice of great conquerors are often regarded with foolish wonder and admiration; those of petty thieves, robbers, and murderers, with contempt, hatred, and even horror upon all occasions. The former, though they are a hundred times more mischievous and destructive, yet when successful, they often pass for deeds of the most heroic magnanimity. The latter are always viewed with hatred and aversion, as the follies, as well as the crimes, of the lowest and most worthless of mankind. The injustice of the former is certainly, at least, as great as that of the latter; but the folly and imprudence are not near so great. A wicked and worthless man of parts often goes through the world with much more credit than he deserves.

DBx: Indeed so.

Costuming-up – and smutching gaudy lipstick on – tariffs, occupational licensing, legislated minimum wages, restrictive zoning, rent control, civil asset forfeiture, and other plunderous exercises and then calling them “public policies” makes them no less plunderous.


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