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Some Links

Jonah Goldberg wisely counsels conservatives to re-read Hayek.

Writing in the Washington Post, Tyler Cowen celebrates the genuine progressiveness of commerce. A slice:

The larger the business, the more tolerant the institution is likely to be of employee and customer personal preferences. A local baker might refuse to make a wedding cake for a gay couple for religious reasons, but Sara Lee, which tries to build very broadly based national markets for its products, is keen on selling cakes to everyone. The bigger companies need to protect their broader reputations and recruit large numbers of talented workers, including from minority groups. They can’t survive and grow just by cultivating a few narrow networks as either their workers or customers.

Claude Barfield writes about the appalling politics of trade – of the utter ignorance of both Trump and Sanders, and of the cowardice of Biden.

Jeffrey Tucker explains that tariffs emphatically do not promote prosperity.

Could an individualistic world also be a more altruistic world?

Randy Holcombe laments the real need for good economists to again teach comparative economic systems.

Alberto Mingardi reflects on Thatcherism at 40.