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Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 123 of Opting Out, a 2019 collection – edited by Michael Stratton and Amy Lynch – of selected writings of Gerrit Wormhoudt:

If we open our minds, we cannot but realize that, for the most part, the elaborate barriers designed to minimize the role of government force in our lives have over time been increasingly ignored. Those very few powers granted to the federal government have been so broadly construed as to become meaningless.

DBx: Sad but true.

A constitution interpreted to allow the state or today’s majority of voters to do pretty much whatever it fancies is no constitution at all. Such a “constitution” is akin to a traffic light that, although it clearly shows green, yellow, and red at different times, is interpreted at each moment to allow drivers to do whatever they please regardless of the color of the light pointing in their direction.


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