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Some Links

Ryan Bourne’s new paper on antitrust, today’s so-called “big tech,” and the wisdom of Joseph Schumpeter is great. A slice:

First, the predictions of unassailable market dominance that we hear in relation to today’s tech giants, often explained by appeals to economic phenomena such as network effects, economies of scale, tying of products, or other cost barriers to entry, have been heard many times before in similar industries. The forecasts have proven ill-founded.

Mike Munger urges us to resist the urge to (call upon the state to) do something.

Alvaro Vargas Llosa ponders Trump’s off-shoring U.S. border control to the Mexican government. (I reckon that Trump is actually not so opposed as he claims to be to foreigners supplying Americans with goods and services that we can supply to ourselves.)

James Pethokoukis wisely warns against an unwise interventionist proposal by Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO).

Relatedly, Gary Galles argues eloquently against reviving the unfair “fairness doctrine” for the internet.

Eric Boehm explains that Trump’s tariffs are so ill-considered that they don’t even succeed at doing what most tariffs do: protect protected industries.

David Henderson writes a love letter to Tyler Cowen.