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Hayek’s Articles

Kevin Cobb e-mailed to ask what are my “top ten articles by Hayek”.

Wow. That’s a difficult question to answer. But I’ll give it a shot.

I exclude books, book chapters, and articles that became incorporated in full into any of Hayek’s books. (And I reserve the right later to change my mind.)

The order of this listing is chronological:

The Trend of Economic Thinking,” 1933

The Facts of the Social Sciences,” 1943

The Use of Knowledge in Society,” 1945

Individualism: True and False,” 1945

The Meaning of Competition,” 1946

The Economy, Science, and Politics,” 1963

Kinds of Order in Society,” 1964

The Errors of Constructivism,” 1970

The New Confusion About ‘Planning’,” 1974

The Pretence of Knowledge,” Nobel Lecture, 1974


Some, but not all, of these articles are reprinted in The Market and Other Orders (Bruce Caldwell, ed., 2014).


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