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Bonus Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 57 of Peter Drucker’s insightful Winter 1984 California Management Review article, “The New Meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility“:

Paradoxically, government which finds it hard to start small and to be patient, finds it even harder to abandon. Every program immediately creates its own constituency, if only the people who are employed by it. It is easy, all too easy, for modern government to give. It is all but impossible for it to take away. The rule for failures is therefore not to bury them but to redouble the budget and to divert to them the able people who much, if employed on more promising opportunities, produce results.

Furthermore, it is all but impossible for government to experiment.

DBx: No group is more confused than is the swelling horde of American conservatives who once (claimed to have) understood the benefits of free markets but who now are so frightened that state direction of the economy in China will only further strengthen the Chinese economy that these conservatives now call for greater state direction of the economy in America.