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Some Links

Richard Epstein ponders life on planet Thunberg. A slice:

Before we join the crusade, we should listen to the independent professionals decrying the current crisis mentality. Five hundred professional climate scientists have flatly stated to the Secretary-General of the United Nations that “There is no climate emergency,” stressing the dangers of relying on today’s “immature models.” Petteri Taalas, who is the secretary-general of the World Meteorological Organization, has decried the “extremism” that has made it impossible to hold a more rational debate about the overall subject. Susan Crockford, an oft-cited polar bear expert, has recently rejected the claim of a climate emergency for polar bears, noting that ice fluctuations are common in the arctic, and that polar bears have for thousands of years adapted to rapid changes in conditions.

Bjorn Lomborg corrects St. Greta of Stockholm’s deeply mistaken understanding of human activity and the environment.

My GMU Econ colleague Dan Klein updates his and my 2017 essay on “trade deficit” as “stuff surpluses.

I’m eager to read In All Fairness – a new book, edited by Chris Coyne, Mike Munger, and Robert Whaples – on inequality and egalitarianism.

Tyler Cowen is among those who isn’t buying the tale that U.S. taxes aren’t progressive.

Iain Murray makes a strong case that economic and political freedom need each other.

Inspired by Bastiat, the great Bruce Yandle explains that tariffs make us, not richer, but poorer. A slice:

The newly imposed tariffs will join those already affecting Canadian timber and dairy products, European aluminum and steel, and a host of Chinese producer and consumer goods. Eventually, it would seem, everything U.S. consumers buy will become more costly because of the Trump administration’s tariffs.

Are we on the way to making America great again by making everything we buy more expensive? Should we be celebrating? Apparently, Frederic Bastiat’s lesson has not been learned.

Bryan Caplan justifiably loves Amazon.com. A slice:

In all candor, Amazon treats me with far more respect and appreciation than I’ve ever received from the United States government.  Democratic government, Republican government, divided government; Amazon outshines them all.  If the feds ever go after Amazon, I know what side I’m on.

I just registered to attend this event next Tuesday, at AEI, featuring Deirdre McCloskey.