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Some Links

Matt Ridley discusses climate change with Julia Hartley Brewer.

For those of you without access to the New York Times, AIER shares my intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy’s most-recent NYT piece on trade.

Sarah Skwire wonders what a Crackpot Economics Index would look like.

Speaking of crackpot economics, the loonyness – and danger – of “Modern Monetary Theory” is exposed by Sebastian Edwards. (HT Arnold Kling)

My colleague Pete Boettke reviews John Quiggin’s Economics in Two Lessons. A slice:

Economics in Two Lessons mentions but doesn’t really engage with public choice (which applies the theories and methods of economics to politics); law and economics (which applies economics to the analysis of law); property rights economics (the study of property as an underlying economic institution); and market-process economics (which sees the market order as being fundamentally about exchange and the institutions within which exchange takes place). These fields just aren’t part of Quiggin’s intellectual DNA, so instead he returns again and again to the high theory of 1950–1980.

Hans Bader explains that, contrary to recent assertions, right-to-work legislation isn’t racist.

Eric Boehm tells the tale of yet another experiment with minimum-wages that didn’t quite work out as well as workers hoped.