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My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy laments the U.S. government’s on-going fiscal shenanigans. A slice:

Now there is nothing historic about Mr. Trump’s making his budget look good by using fantastical assumptions. All presidents perform this theatrical trick. For instance, no president ever projects that the economy will experience a slowdown in the next ten years of the budget window even though, on average, the economy slows down every 7 years.

The Battle to Feed All of Humanity Is Over. Humanity Has Won” – So writes Marian Tupy.

Alberto Mingardi is rightly dismayed by Pope Francis’s appalling economic ignorance. (I’m not a Roman Catholic – or, indeed, a believer in any religion – but if I were a member of the Pope’s church I would pray fervently that Francis’s knowledge of economics is no reflection of his knowledge of theology.)

This past August I was honored to be interviewed by Keith Knight.

A blast from the past: here’s George Selgin on Fedophilia.

George Will writes insightfully about NAFTA, USMCA, and the self-degradation of the United States Senate. Here’s his conclusion:

The president’s institutional vandalism is partially explained, although not excused, by the breadth and depth of his ignorance concerning the manners and mores of a republic. The Senate’s self-degradation is even more depressing.

On February 13th great Israel Kirzner turned 90. Peter Boettke celebrates.