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Some Links

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy wisely warns us of Bernie Sanders’s economically ignorant radicalism.

George Will warns us of the dangers in Elizabeth Warren’s hypocritical and opportunistic embrace of teachers’ unions. A slice:

Nationwide per-pupil public expenditure (in constant dollars) doubled between 1960 and 1980, and doubled again by 2016. Warren’s and Sen. Bernie Sanders’s jeremiads against “greed” exempt that of teachers unions.

Alberto Mingardi is justifiably liberal in his praise of Russ Roberts’s recent effort to debunk the myth that government policies in recent decades were masterminded by Milton Friedman.

Ryan Bourne is rightly pleased that the Council of Economic Advisors is highly skeptical of antitrust policy.

Only in California.

Michael Strain summarizes some of his findings that help to bust the myth of American middle-class economic stagnation. A slice:

If you are a worker, you will see your wages grow and your purchasing power increase — your hard work will pay off. If you work hard and put in effort and make yourself more skilled, the labor market is going to reward that. That is the typical experience.

John O. McGinnis reviews Jeremy Popkin’s new book on the French Revolution.

Here’s a video of Mario Rizzo discussing his new book (co-authored by Glen Whitman) on behavioral economics.

Barry Brownstein rightly criticizes the appalling greed of Bernie Sanders.