My dear friend Betsy Fisher – entrepreneur extraordinaire – eloquently blasts governments’ sledgehammering of the economy.

Also writing about this mad sledgehammering is Mike Munger. And Nick Gillespie.

Here’s the first of Hans Eicholz’s blog posts on MMT and Austrian economics.

Vittorio Nastasi argues for a permanent relaxation of the restrictions against telemedicine and other modes of competition among physicians.

Eric Boehm writes about the staggering and frightening sudden growth in the U.S. government’s budget deficit. This fiscal incontinence will not end well.

Joakim Book argues eloquently against the economic ignorance that undergirds support for restrictions on so-called “price gouging.” A slice:

For some reason, supporters of these policies refuse to accept that the world with a threatening event is different from the world a few days before without the same event. Something has changed in between; the conditions that brought about yesterday’s prices have changed – often suddenly and without warning. Why would you want to force anybody to operate today at yesterday’s prices?

Back to Mike Munger: in this video he discusses so-called “price gouging.


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