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Some Links

Mark Perry reports new research by Jeffrey Clemens, Lisa B. Kahn, and Jonathan Meer showing that minimum-wage legislation harms many low-skilled workers. Who’d a-thunk it?!

Pierre Lemieux is rightly dismayed by the arbitrariness and dangers of antitrust regulations. A slice:

There is something ironic in the idea that the most monopolistic organization of all, the state, should be trusted to maintain competition.

“Businesspeople, you do not merely have a right to “gouge.”  As long as shortages persist, gouging is the right thing to do.  Gouge is good!” – so concludes Bryan Caplan.

Vincent Geloso helps to keep the record straight about the New Deal.

I love this letter in today’s Wall Street Journal on the late, great green-revolution pioneer Norman Borlaug. It’s written by Joe Bouton of Athens, GA, and is in response to a PBS documentary that reveals what is either its writers’ and producers’ appalling priorities or their ignorance of human history (or both):

I heard Borlaug give a speech late in his career where he addressed criticism of his work. His position was simple—he had met many, many well-meaning (and well-fed) critics over the years, but had never met any willing to starve to death for their beliefs.

Here’s John Cochrane on Paul Romer on what-if-virus-tests-were-like-sodas.

Coronavirus is the health of the state.