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by Don Boudreaux on June 8, 2020

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In the Wall Street Journal, John Cochrane devastatingly reviews the new book by Magical Modern Monetary Theory’s leading wizardess, Stephanie Kelton. A slice:

Writing the book to “defend” an immense list of left-wing spending policies destroys what’s left of her argument. If you could only feel her singular empathy for the downtrodden, if you could, as she does, view the federal budget as a “moral document,” if you could just close your eyes and need it to be true as much as she does, your “Copernican moment” will arrive. Logic and evidence will no longer trouble you.

My GMU Econ colleague Dan Klein warns of a misleading use of the term “second wave.

Jeffrey Tucker asks why the New York Times denies the obvious.

Clark Neily is brilliantly persuasive in his recent podcast with Juliette Sellgren.

Billy Binion asks why Republicans aren’t joining Rep. Justin Amash in his effort to end qualified immunity (which Binion rightly describes as an “insidious legal doctrine”).

Tim Carney exposes the hypocrisy of many in the media over protests.

Damon Root identifies three upcoming Supreme Court cases to watch.

Jeff Jacoby writes movingly about the week the looters came.


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