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Some Links

Brown University’s Glenn Loury pens a brilliant and reasoned letter to Brown’s senior administration. A slice:

What I found most alarming, though, is that no voice was given to what one might have thought would be a university’s principal intellectual contribution to the national debate at this critical moment: namely, to affirm the primacy of reason over violence in calibrating our reactions to the supposed “oppression.” Equally troubling were our president’s promises to focus the university’s instructional and research resources on “fighting for social justice” around the world, without any mention of the problematic and ambiguous character of those movements which, over the past two centuries or more, have self-consciously defined themselves in just such terms—from the French and Russian Revolutions through the upheavals of the 1960s.

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy wants unemployment benefits to expire. A slice:

For the most part, people were thrown out of work largely by the fear of this virus keeping consumers home but also by state governments commanding everyone to stay home. This unemployment was inflicted by design to cause a radical shrinkage of the supply side of the economy in the hope to fight the virus from spreading. The best thing to do is allow the economy to reopen fully and allow companies to figure out for themselves, based on their consumers’ preferences, how to best operate their businesses.

Bryan Caplan reflects on Garett Jones’s book, 10% Less Democracy.

Kathleen Parker writes intelligently about the New York Times‘s most-recent fiasco.

Speaking of the New York Times, here’s Jacob Sullum.

Radley Balko presents evidence of racial bias in America’s criminal-justice system.

I agree with Jeffrey Tucker:

The entire world economy was thrown into a deep depression (however temporarily) based on no certain knowledge about anything. And now we enter into the realm of farce in which the World Health Organization has to give press conference after press conference to clarify the mucky information mess they made in their previous conferences. Meanwhile, the politicians continue to preen and pronounce as if they are saving our lives.