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Some Links

My Mercatus Center colleague Adam Thierer rightly lambastes absurd restrictions on commerce in liquor – and celebrates the entrepreneurship that evades these restrictions. A slice:

When governments pass laws that defy common sense, people often find ways to work around them. That is a major theme explored in my latest book, Evasive Entrepreneurs and the Future of Governance: How Innovation Improves Economies and Governments. America’s crazy quilt of liquor laws, many of which are vestiges of the Prohibition Era, provide a particularly good example because such regulations create powerful incentives for people to behave evasively. When people want to enjoy a drink, they are likely going to find a way to get one.

Arnold Kling offers an intriguing hypothesis about an effect of social media.

Ethan Yang is favorably impressed with my colleague Peter Boettke’s new book published by AIER, The Four Pillars of Economic Understanding.

“Trump’s new Fair Housing Rule prioritizes toxic culture war politics over deregulation” – so reports Reason’s Christian Britschgi.

In this paper from 2018, P.J. Hill explores the ideological origins of the rule of law. (HT Tyler Cowen)

The Rational Optimist is now optimistic that the covid-19 calamity will soon be behind us.

Mason Gaffney has died. (Many years ago, Mason gave to me a beautiful bound set of the complete works of Henry George. While I never became a Georgist, I find much value in George’s writings – especially in his skilled and nuanced defense of free trade.)

Iain Murray opposes efforts to cancel Aristotle.