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Quotation of the Day…

… is from pages 194-195 of David Mamet’s 2011 book, The Secret Knowledge (original emphases):

The Left says of the Right, “You fools, it is demonstrable that dinosaurs lived one hundred million years ago, I can prove it to you, how can you say the earth was created in 4000 BCE?” But this supposed intransigence on the part of the Religious Right is far less detrimental to the health of the body politic than the Left’s love affair with Marxism, Socialism, Racialism, and the Command Economy, which one hundred years of evidence shows leads only to shortages, despotism, and murder.

DBx: Sadly, not only are people on the political left becoming more infatuated with the command economy, so, too, are many people on the political right. This disturbing fact is true even (especially?) of professors, pundits, and politicians on the right who press hard for conventional religion to play a greater role in people’s lives.