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Some Links

David Henderson explains that the real source of monopoly power isn’t success in markets but, instead, government intervention. A slice:

Governments in the United States limit competition in four main ways (1) restrictions on entry into an idustry, (2) tariffs and import quotas, (3) regulation that appears neutral but is not, and (4) patents and copyrights.

(DBx: Calling on the government to police against monopoly is like calling on the KKK to police against racism.)

Max Gulker writes insightfully about the response to covid.

“The authoritarian personality.”

John O. McGinnis identifies public-sector labor unions as sources of increased trouble, especially during crises.

David Simon refutes Alan Blinder’s recent claim that CO2 emissions are making the earth “inhospitable.”

Here’s part 7 of George Selgin’s great series on the New Deal.