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Hygiene Socialism

The best term that I’ve yet encountered to describe most of humanity’s deranged reaction to Covid-19 comes from a personal e-mail sent earlier today by my friend in Australia David Hart. He calls it “hygiene socialism.”

I’m afraid that we are now in the grips of this absurd ideology and the tyrannical regimes that it fosters.

Just as conventional socialists are never eager to give up power, so too will our hygiene-socialist dictators be unwilling to give up power. Just as conventional socialists defend their tyranny by asserting that it is justified by science, so too do the hygiene-socialists point to science as a full defense of their tyranny. And just as conventional socialists use the very dislocations, suffering, and tragedies caused by their socialist policies as excuses to double-down on their suppressions of ordinary people’s freedoms, so too will the hygiene-socialist dictators – cheered on by the many hygiene-socialist comrades – find every excuse to suppress our freedoms in the name of protecting us.