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Questions for All Who Support (or Tolerate) Covid-19 Lockdowns

How do you justify your position given the data presented in this new 19-minute-long video (below) by Ivor Cummins? Are his data fake or insufficiently complete? Does he slice and dice data in a manner that leads his audience into what you are sure is the dangerously mistaken impression that Covid-19 isn’t the categorically different monster killer that you and so many other people continue to insist that it is? Are Cummins’s interpretations of the data inaccurate or implausible? Is he lying?

As for me, I cannot look at this video – or his previous ones, or read analyses from other serious thinkers, such as those from the co-authors of the Great Barrington Declaration – and come to any conclusion other than that the current level of fear of Covid reflects complete derangement. It’s Covid Derangement Syndrome driven by homo avoidcovidous.

If humanity manages to survive this derangement, the Covid-19 lockdowns and other attempts to obstruct normal human interactions will be recorded for all of history as an episode in equal parts irrational, grotesque, cruel, and evil. It will likely also prove to be, on net, lethal. And Neil Ferguson will forever be remembered as a rogue scientist whose reckless Imperial Model was a chief spark of policies that caused untold misery in exchange for no benefit.


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