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Wall Street Journal columnist Holman Jenkins continues to be a courageous voice of calm, reason, and humanity amidst today’s raging epidemic of Covid Derangement Syndrome (CDS-20). A slice:

The time-honored prophylactic for panic is actionable information. Unfortunately, in their own panic, our officials encouraged the first surge by suggesting they could control the disease, then tried to redress their error with unsustainable lockdowns. We’ve been on the seesaw ever since.

Jeffrey Tucker writes eloquently about the damage that CDS-20 is doing to churches and to the many people who rely on them. A slice:

Incredibly, in New York Hasidic Jews – who heroically resisted at every step – were singled out by the mayor and governor, reviving medieval scapegoating myths. And what evidence is there that Hasidic services were spreading the virus with severe outcomes? There was none. Not one shred of evidence.

So too with other religious events. Not one bit of evidence that I could find demonstrates that the worship of God in the presence of others would lead to death. Many churches have openly defied the orders and rightly so.

On his Facebook page, Alan Reynolds continues to do battle against CDS-20. Here’s his conclusion:

What does all this have to so with several hubristic Governors’ periodic on-and-off lockdowns and social restrictions?
Nothing. There’s no connection.

Also on Facebook, Phil Magness reminds us of just how very unreliable is Anthony Fauci.

Fiona Harrigan reports that 2020 has not been a good year for progress in fighting HIV/AIDS.

Like the late Hans Rosling, Arnold Kling understands the unfortunate biases in our filters for information. A slice:

Signal vs. noise. What draws our attention? Think of two dimensions: threats vs. positive developments; sudden vs. gradual. We seem to be most attract[ed] to the sudden and to the threat. A hurricane is a great story for the media. The way that our houses have become stronger and more secure is not a great story.

Zaldy Dandan laments the immortality of certain myths.

Here’s Alberto Mingardi on the great reset.

James Pethokoukis talks with Michael Clemens about immigration.


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