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Bonus Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 203 of the late, great Henry Manne’s December 1973 speech (first publishing in the April 1974 edition of Reason), “Fighting Back Against Controls,” as the transcript of this speech is reprinted in Liberty and Freedom in the Economic Ordering of Society (2009), which is volume 3 of The Collected Works of Henry G. Manne (original emphases):

Businessmen should help the public understand that morality, in the case of arrogant, intrusive, totalitarian laws, lies in the barest possible obedience and in refusal to cooperate willingly beyond the letter of the law. The business community should have the courage to inform the public that the stakes are very high and that they are the potential victims.

DBx: What Henry Manne (1928-2015) (pictured here) said, nearly 50 years ago, about the energy “crisis” then trumpeted as a grave threat to humanity and to all that we hold dear applies even more powerfully today to the claims about Covid-19.

We must all resist the tyranny now being sledgehammered down upon us in the name of protecting us from Covid. Covid poses not one-one-trillionth the danger to humanity that is posed by the tyrants who pose as our protectors from Covid.