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Some Links

Arnold Kling writes perceptively and wisely about libertarianism and populism. A slice:

People who trust themselves will

1. Prefer to make their own decisions, rather than have “officials” make decisions for them.

2. Prefer not to make decisions for others.

I see populism as failing to embrace (2). But if you do not embrace (2), then you cannot live by (1). The difference between populists and elitists is about who gets to make decisions for others. For progressive elitists, it is experts, by which they mean people who think like themselves. For populists, it is popular will, by which they mean people who think like themselves.

Art Carden calls for a rollback of border socialism.

Richard Rahn predicts a return of significant inflation.

Pierre Lemieux reminds us that protective tariffs are punitive taxes on fellow citizens.

George Will hopes that the U.S. Supreme Court follows the wise counsel of the Institute for Justice and restores Constitutional protections for economic liberty.

Glenn Garvin likes Mr. Mayor.

Fiona Harrigan decries Hollywood’s ignorant and illiberal closed-mindedness.

Did Michael Strain lowball upward mobility in America?