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Some Covid Links

The tyranny tightens. (But we’re assured that it’s for our own good. And our government would never so assure us if that assurance weren’t based in fact. So there’s nothing to worry about, right? Right?)

Jordan Davidson reports on recent remarks by Stanford professor Dr. Jay Bhattacharya. A slice:

“I’ve come to think of it as trickle-down epidemiology. We’ve used the lockdowns to protect the rich, whereas we essentially expose the — like in California for instance, it’s the poor areas that have had the high death rates from COVID. The lockdowns haven’t protected people living in places where there’s high poverty,” Bhattacharya said on “The Megyn Kelly Show.” “Minority populations, especially Hispanics, have been hard hit. Fifty percent of people who have had COVID deaths are Hispanic in California.”

Julius Ruechel exposes the immorality of Covid-19 lockdowns. A slice:

Lockdowns during COVID pose the exact same question as the Bystander at the Switch. But it’s not a game; once again there are real lives at stake. Yet in direct violation of the principles of universal human rights, governments around the world are choosing to pull the switch by imposing lockdowns “for our safety.” In doing so they have given themselves the authority to play God with our lives.

Are you essential or non-essential? Each category now has different rights and freedoms and different levels of individual autonomy. Some have the right to earn a living. Others do not. Some have the right to choose how to balance the risks and priorities in their lives. Others do not. How can any job that feeds a family not be essential?

What about the collateral damage caused by lockdowns? Mandatory lockdowns are leading to the deaths of countless individuals through cancelled/delayed medical operations, suicides, drug overdoses, loneliness and isolation in nursing homes, and more. None of these deaths would happen without lockdowns. Government is throwing one group of people onto the tracks with the goal of saving another.

How much misery and suffering is government allowed to impose on other people “for your safety”? How many jobs is the government allowed to destroy “for your safety”? How many people will lose their homes “for your safety”? How many people will lose their life savings, have their marriages broken, suffer bankruptcy, lose their careers, have their children’s education irreparably damaged, or have their mental health destroyed because of actions taken by the government “for your safety”?

Amelia Janaskie, Jenin Younes, and Taleed Brown show us more faces of lockdown.

COVID-19 rarely spreads through surfaces. So why are we still deep cleaning?

Here’s more from Noah Carl on excess deaths in the U.K.

Mark Ellse exposes appallingly misleading reporting on Covid. A slice:

Yes, indeed. Every time comparison figures are given to us by the media or the government they use raw comparison figures, not Age Standardised Figures. This makes increases in death rate seem bigger than they actually are. As for the rise from 2019 to 2020, it is significant. But before deciding how significant, we need first to consider what death rate for 2020 we should have expected.

Hector Drummond argues that Sweden’s Covid numbers show that lockdowns are indeed criminal. A slice:

You will see that April 2020, supposedly the worst month for the world in hundred years outside wartime, in fact had lower deaths than about twenty other months in Sweden in just the last thirty years.

Most governments, scientists, and media outlets have inexcusably ignored these facts for over half a year, and when forced to look at Sweden they have continued to spin the line that Sweden is a charnel house.

Now, ten months since the Western world went mad, the overall figures for Sweden’s all-cause mortality for 2020 are available. And it is time we had a proper look at these figures and stopped taking this lunatic mania for lockdowns seriously.

I thank Lyle Albaugh for alerting me to this interview with Knut Wittkowski: