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Some Covid Links

Noah Carl provides further evidence that Covid-19 is indeed seasonal. A slice:

Bishop’s criticisms of the Imperial College model are well-taken. In the remainder of this essay, I want to present additional evidence for the seasonality of COVID-19. Before looking at studies that deal specifically with COVID-19, it is worth mentioning that other human coronaviruses are known to be seasonal, with the peak of infections occurring in February (in the northern hemisphere). As one recent study – which analysed eight years of data on a cohort in Michigan – concluded, “Coronaviruses are sharply seasonal”. Hence it would be somewhat surprising if COVID-19 didn’t behave in the same way.

Ethan Yang decries the devastation that Covid lockdowns inflict on the world’s poorest people.

British MP Charles Walker continues to champion good sense and freedom over Covid hysteria and tyranny.

Peter Hitchens is rightly angry that the British government took the reckless, destructive, and tyrannical advice of the Imperial College’s Neil Ferguson rather than follow the advice that that government itself in 2011 had formulated carefully and not while infatuated with police-state tactics. Here’s Hitchens’s opening:

Supporters of strangling the country always demand ‘What would you have done?’ if I dare to criticise the Government’s wild, unprecedented policy for dealing with Covid.

They assume, as backers of crazy policies always do, that there is no alternative to mass house arrest, enormous police powers, Maoist travel bans and the crippling of large parts of the economy.

Well, there is an alternative. Sitting in the Government archives is a 70-page document called UK Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Strategy 2011. Don’t be put off by that ‘influenza’. The plan could easily be adapted to deal with a coronavirus or any similar threat.

Agreed by all four governments of the UK, it was revised after the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic. It is typical of careful, commonsense UK state planning before the hysteria outbreak of March 23, 2020.

The longest three weeks in history.”

Kylee Zempel’s justified fury at the push for double-masking is expressed eloquently and effectively. Three slices:

Continuing the trend of Babylon Bee headlines being prophetic, Twitter on Monday decided to promote a Quartz article about “Why it’s time to start double masking.” Just like clockwork, the CDC on Wednesday decided to add double masking to its COVID-19 guidance.


In fact, if we care about science, we’ll stop letting the same people who have tanked our economy, kept our kids home from school, and banished us from churches dictate our lives for one more minute. So much of the nonsense that has poured out of their mouths, over the airwaves, and into our homes and institutions these past many months has proved to be utter hogwash — about masks, “flattening the curve,” nursing homes, schools, “essential” versus “nonessential” businesses, the vaccine, and getting “back to normal.” The rules served corporatists’ interests, not public health or the general welfare.

They told us Costco was safer than the ballot box. They said Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who sent COVID-19-positive patients into nursing homes as superspreaders among the most vulnerable, was an exemplary leader. They said mass protests and riots were OK but worship was reckless. They ignored science to please teachers unions, told you to stay in your house for the holidays then jetted off to their vacation homes, and said mask up to save lives — lying even about the efficacy of masks.


That regime, however, doesn’t deserve your allegiance. It derives its power not from truth and science but from the capitulation of the panicky masses. Don’t cave to the bullies who will undoubtedly scream that you’re a science-denier if you refuse a second mask. Tomorrow, they’ll be shouting that you’re a murderer because you won’t slap a third swatch of fabric over your mouth. The more the better, right? There’s no limiting principle; we know how this goes.

Spot the pandemic year.

What’s that about the wonders of New Zealand’s successful response to the coronavirus?


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