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Some Non-Covid Links

My colleague Bryan Caplan is multi-talented: He’s now got a clothing line.

On the horizon, Gerald Dwyer sees inflation. Here’s his conclusion:

The increases in money held by the public are a new experiment to test a widely verified proposition: substantial increases in the quantity of money held by the public are associated with substantial inflation. Inflation is quite likely to be higher in coming years than it has been in the recent past. Whether the increase is muted – an increase of one percentage point per year or so – or noticeably larger remains to be seen.

Here’s David Hart on the Great Books of Liberty.

Patrons of Arnold Kling’s excellent askblog picked their top 150 intellectuals. With the exception of a small number (Donald Trump?!), the list is quite good. (It would be even better if it included at least some of the following: David Boaz, Eric Boehm, Veronique de Rugy, David Friedman, Steven Landsburg, Scott Linicome, Phil Magness, Alex Nowrasteh, Virginia Postrel, George Selgin, and George Will.)

Speaking of my intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy, she continues to powerfully protest the U.S. government’s fiscal recklessness.

And speaking of Scott Linicome, he and Inu Manak report on “Protectionism or National Security? The Use and Abuse of Section 232.

And speaking of Eric Boehm, he correctly explains that proposals to abolish the filibuster are about nothing more grand than raw power.

Also from Eric Boehm is this report on the appalling veto of a school-choice bill in Kentucky.

Let’s hope that Stephanie Slade is correct.

Manny Klausner shared with some of his friends this report of a recent instance of woke idiocy and intolerance.

David Henderson asks a germane question: “Whose body is it anyway?