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The Essential James Buchanan

In The Essential James Buchanan, Randy Holcombe and I do our best to introduce the general public to the essential ideas of the late 1986 Nobel-laureate economist, James Buchanan. (Buchanan directed Randy’s dissertation research at Virginia Tech and was later a colleague of mine at George Mason University.) Our little volume is released today by the Fraser Institute.

It’s available free on-line here and for a modest price on Kindle. It will soon be available also in hard copy.

Randy and I thank especially Fraser’s Jason Clemens, Niels Veldhuis, Kristin McCahon, and Bryn Weese not only for encouraging us to write The Essential James Buchanan, but also for their skill and professionalism at ensuring that its quality is as high as possible.

Eventually, the book will be accompanied by six short videos (available here, as well as on YouTube); so far, though, only four of the videos have been released. Here’s the first: