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Some Non-Covid Links

Jeff Jacoby rightly calls for a halt to requiring any Americans to register to be conscripted. Here’s his conclusion:

The creation of the all-volunteer force has been one of the most successful policy shifts in US history. Short of some catastrophically existential threat to the homeland, mandatory conscription is never coming back. That being the case, what justification remains for making young people register?

Selective Service has outlived its usefulness. It ought to be consigned to history. Let my son’s cohort be the last one required to sign up for a draft that will not be needed again. Congress shouldn’t just end male-only draft registration. It should end draft registration, period.

In one simple chart, Scott Lincicome shows how American manufacturers are harmed by U.S.-government-imposed tariffs on steel punitive taxes on Americans who purchase steel.

Here’s news on the trade front worth celebrating.

Ethan Yang warns of the dangers lurking in the increasing influence on antitrust policy of the “neo-Braneisians.”

Randy Holcombe and I thank Timothy Taylor for his coverage of our new book, The Essential James Buchanan.

Not that more such evidence is needed, but Eric Boehm nevertheless supplies further evidence of the venality and incompetence of our rulers.

Mark Perry reports some of the sordid history of Richard Nixon’s escalation of the so-called “war on drugs.”

Juliette Sellgren talks again with Randy Barnett, this time about the 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution.