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Bonus Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 250 of University of Notre Dame philosopher James Otteson’s important 2021 book, Seven Deadly Economic Sins (original emphasis):

What I am paid, and what jobs I am will to do for that pay and under what circumstances, is none of your business. What other are paid, and what others are willing to do for what pay and under what circumstances is their business and no one else’s. As equal moral agents they are entitled to choose employment and negotiate terms of employment for themselves with other willing partners. And as proper persons they are entitled to make choices about their own paths in life without uninvited interference from others.

DBx: Yes.

Minimum-wage legislation, mandated leave (paid or unpaid), and other officious government interventions into labor markets are not only economically harmful especially to the workers these interventions are ostensibly meant to help; such interventions are also unethical.