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Under Strain

Here we go again. A new strain, out of southern Africa, of the Covid-19 virus is being reported (as if new strains of such viruses are unexpected).

Already in place are new restrictions on travel. More are sure to come.

Dow futures – up as recently as yesterday afternoon – are now down 763.

Further, as cold weather descends on the northern hemisphere, Covid “cases” are increasing. The media and government “leaders” – relying upon each other symbiotically – will stir these new developments into renewed hysteria. (Actually, the future tense should be replaced by the present tense.) Far too many people will continue to believe – falsely – that, regardless of their age or health, they are at grave risk from the Covid Monster and that the only hope of protection from utter catastrophe is blind obedience to the likes of Anthony Fauci, who will ‘recommend’ that governments impose further lockdowns, mask mandates, and, likely, that governments also make booster shots mandatory. Support will swell for vaccine mandates.

Schools now open might very well again close. The absurd restrictions on college campuses will continue.

I’d not be surprised if it’s soon the case that new-born infants will be vaccinated against Covid, and then be well and truly masked, even before they are detached from their mothers’ umbilical cords.

Dissenting voices – including those of serious scientists – will be shut down and accused of being both anti-social and anti-science.

Human society will again be pummeled by ham-fisted and ill-advised diktats, both directly and by the never-ending threat that any easing of these burdens can, at any time and at a split-moment’s notice, be reversed. Yet more acid will poured onto the global supply web, further severing links that are indispensable fibers of modern civilization. We will become more isolated. Everyone but members of the Zoomeoisie will grow poorer, with a disproportionately large share of this suffering falling on the world’s poorest people.

I hope – omigosh, do I hope – that I’m mistaken. But I fear that we have years left to live with Covid-19 hysteria. Worse, after this disease can no longer credibly be used to frighten even the most credulous, some other pathogen will be identified as posing yet another existential threat to humanity and, thus, justifying not only the continuation but the strengthening of the bio-security state – what David Hart calls “hygiene socialism.

I’ve some friends whose judgments I trust who are less pessimistic than I am, but I have some other friends, also with judgments that I trust, who share my pessimism – and, indeed, some other friends who are even more pessimistic about the future than I am.

Happy holidays, everyone.