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Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 365 of my late, great GMU colleague Gordon Tullock’s 1983 book, Economics of Income Redistribution,” as this book is reprinted in The Economics and Politics of Wealth Redistribution (volume 7 of The Selected Works of Gordon Tullock, Charles K. Rowley, ed. [2005]):

I have already expressed my views that [government aid to] higher education is a highly regressive scheme for transferring funds from the people who are less well-off to those who are well-off. The only advantage I can think of this from a social standpoint is that it pays my salary. I doubt, however, that anything will be done about it, since the beneficiaries are, politically, extremely influential and, in fact, control all the communication channels, so the people who are injured by it will probably never find out they are injured.

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