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Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 152 of Thomas Sowell’s January 23rd, 2007, National Review essay titled “The ‘Greed’ Fallacy” as this essay is reprinted in Sowell’s 2010 collection, Dismantling America (emphasis added):

If people who are capable of being outstanding executives were a dime a dozen, nobody would pay eleven cents a dozen for them.

Many observers who say that they cannot understand how anyone can be worth $100 million a year do not realize that it is not necessary that they understand it, since it is not their money.

All of us have thousands of things happening around us that we do not understand. We use computers all the time but most of us could not build a computer if our life depended on it – and those few individuals who could probably couldn’t grow orchids or train horses.

In short, we all have grossly inadequate knowledge in other people’s specialties.