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Well, Computers ARE Known to Carry Viruses

I’m posting this photo and caption, from this report, and letting the combo speak for itself. (HT Chuck Wright)

I will, I know, receive e-mails from individuals feigning shock and disappointment at my closed-minded failure to understand any of many excellent reasons why this physician in this setting would be masked. “He’s likely got a immunocompromised grandfather sitting nearby!” “He just returned from sitting in his den with his immunocompromised children and has simply not yet removed his mask!” “He’s expecting his immunocompromised wife soon to bring to him a cup of tea!” “The photographer who snapped this photo is either immunocompromised, obese, or 85 years old, and this good doctor doesn’t want to risk infecting that person!

Perhaps. But given the incessant hysterical overreaction to Covid-19, my guess is that this physician imagines that he must do all he can to keep his patients terrified of the Covid monster.