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Well, At Least They’re Reducing Their Children’s Prospects of Being Exposed to Covid-19

One of my very dearest friends lives in a northern Virginia neighborhood with lots of children in elementary school. My very dear friend is also a singularly wonderful cook and a thoughtful neighbor. A few days ago, she offered to cook crepes this weekend for the neighborhood children.

But then my friend received a request from some of the parents: ‘Please serve the crepes outdoors.’

What? asked my friend.

‘Please serve the crepes outdoors,’ the parents repeated. The parents elaborated: ‘We aren’t so much afraid of our kids catching Covid from you, or from each other, and suffering illness from it. But we want to reduce the chances of our kids becoming infected with Covid. Any student who tests positive for Covid must then stay home – that is, away from school and out of physical classrooms – for ten days. And we don’t want our kids missing any more school.’

(The school district for this northern Virginia neighborhood does not follow the CDC recommendation of keeping unvaccinated Covid-positive schoolchildren home for a ‘mere’ five days. Being hyper-Progressive – and thus ridiculously theatrical about all things Covid – this school district demands that Covid-positive schoolchildren stay home for ten days.)

My friend – who is a paragon of good sense – refused to prepare and serve the crepes outdoors. The reason for her refusal is that it is bitterly cold this weekend in northern Virginia, with actual daytime high temperatures consistently below freezing, and with snow and ice from Friday still on the ground.

Ponder the absurdity of parents being incited by Covid-hysterical school policies to be willing to subject their young children to the discomforts and dangers of socializing and dining outdoors in below-freezing temperatures in order to avoid any increase in the chances that their children will be exposed to a pathogen that is virtually harmless to these children. It’s utter madness.

Everyone who joined so mindlessly in the Covid hysteria – everyone who refused to put Covid’s dangers in perspective – everyone who treated Covid as a danger categorically worse for everyone, regardless of age, than many of the countless other dangers that we humans incessantly confront (usually without a second, or even a first, thought) – every one of these people played a role in creating and fueling this sort of madness, as harmful as it is irrational.