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Congrats to Jon Murphy and Stephen Zimmer

Congratulations to Jon Murphy and Stephen Zimmer!

Jon yesterday successfully defended his PhD dissertation at GMU Econ. His dissertation was directed by me, with Dan Klein and Alex Tabarrok serving as the other two committee members. (Here we are celebrating yesterday evening at Giordino’s, a neighborhood restaurant.)

The other student who completed his dissertation under my direction this academic year is Stephen Zimmer, who successfully defended on March 31st. (That’s Stephen, during his dissertation defense, in the upper left cell of the matrix.) The other two members of Stephen’s dissertation committee were Chris Coyne and Dick Wagner – the latter of whom is now taking a very much-deserved retirement. GMU Econ was made much better by Dick’s active presence, since 1988, on our faculty. To say that it’s an understatement to say that we will miss him is itself a deep understatement.

Now Jon and Stephen, you are hereby charged to do all that you can to instill in your students, colleagues, friends, pets, and any creature who will listen the economic way of thinking.

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