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An Interview with Henry Hazlitt

On August 31st, 1983, Sandy Ikeda, George Selgin, and I interviewed the great Henry Hazlitt at his home in Wilton, Connecticut. He was nearly 89 years old yet still quite cogent. (He would live another ten years, dying in July 1993 a few months shy of his 99th birthday.)

We recorded the interview on a miniature cassette recorder. To my great regret, that recording has long been lost. But my transcription of the interview – which I did a few days after the interview was conducted – was published in an abridged form in the Spring 1984 Austrian Economics Newsletter, which I just learned is available on-line here.

Meeting Henry Hazlitt and talking with him for a few hours is one of the most memorable and cherished highlights of a life blessed with more than its share of enviable highlights.