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The Great Facilitator

Today’s The Osgood File (a radio program aired by CBS affiliates) is about book-club facilitators. Here’s this program’s brief transcript.

Book-club facilitation is an emerging profession of people who are hired by book clubs to facilitate their discussions – especially to keep the discussants on topic and to offer in-depth background on the books under discussion and their authors.

Book-club facilitators are paid well. The facilitator featured on The Osgood File is paid $200 for 90-minute session. That’s an hourly rate of $133.

I wonder if, and how, these facilitators are counted in employment and wage statistics. I wonder if anyone, say, 25 years ago (or even ten years ago) thought to make a living in this way. I wonder if such a way of making a living would be possible if those who today clamour for more protectionism get their way.

Fortunately, at least for now, the division of labor marches on. It is the great facilitator of widespread wealth creation.


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